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From 2005-2007 the Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative traditionally published a powerful group of 24 mom writers, read about their journey in A Book is Born: 24 Mom Authors Tell All!

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While working with Nancy Cleary and Wyatt-Mackenzie Publishing, I have been delighted in warmth, caring, and professionalism provided me. Finding the balance to represent pieces of both the author and the audience is not always an easy task. However, it seems to come as second nature to Nancy. I'm thrilled to partner with a publisher who is able to share my vision while also providing expert direction through the publishing process.
~ Julie Watson Smith, Founding Mom of Mommy Hullabaloo, Author of Mommyhood Diaries: Living the Chaos One Day at a Time

The Mom-Writers Publishing Co-Op is just what I needed. I'm a new author and I was so frustrated trying to hunt down an agent or a small publisher to help me get started. MWPC bridges the gap between self publishing and the big house publishers, and that was just right for me.
~ Paula Schmitt, author of Living in a Locker Room: A Mom's Tale of Survival in a Houseful of Boys

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After three failed attempts to publish my work, SAHM I Am: Tales of a Stay-at-Home Mom Living in Europe, I was certain the project was doomed for failure. Three different publishing houses had seriously considered it, but each time for one reason or another, there was no follow-through. That's when the Mom-Writers Publishing Co-Op appeared as if from nowhere. Within twenty minutes of receiving a rejection form e-mail with the greeting "Dear AUTHOR" from a renowned NYC agent, I received an acceptance e-mail from MWPC founder Nancy Cleary. She encouraged me, believed in my talent, and gave me the air beneath my wings to fly. Not only that, but we writers have the opportunity to encourage others, too. That is what sets the Co-op apart from a traditional publishing body. Was it Fate? Great timing, or a little of both? Nancy and I agree on one thing. When you believe in something with all your heart, you are unstoppable. That is the Co-op's objective. It is mine, too.
~ Christine Louise Hohlbaum, Author of Diary of a Mother &
SAHM I Am: Tales of a Stay-at-Home Mom in Europe