Reindeer with King Gustaf: What to Expect When Your Spouse Wins the Nobel Prize

ISBN: 978-1-932279-05-4
262 Pages, 6 x 9
$18.00 Paperback
Pub Date: Nov. 2009

“An entertaining account of the majesty Nobel prize festivities.” - Anne and Robert Bass, President of Keystone Group, L.P.

“Anita Laughlin’s delightful account of the magical, stressful, surreal, chaotic, enchanting, and awesome Stockholm experience brought back warm memories of my own trip to Stockholm and the joyful yet daunting way in which it changed my life and the life of my family.”- William Phillips, winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in physics


Reindeer with King Gustaf is sold at the Nobel Museum Gift Shop


Reindeer with King Gustaf chosen to gift guests at the 60th Anniversary Laureate Meeting in Lindau


Anita Laughlin

Anita Laughlin worked as a Special Education teacher for many years in both public and private schools for emotionally disturbed children. She married Robert Laughlin in 1978 and they settled in Palo Alto where Dr. Laughlin became a theoretical physics professor at Stanford University and Ms. Laughlin began a fifteen-year teaching career with grades K-2. It was while at Stanford that Dr. Laughlin received the 1998 Nobel Prize in physics.


King Gustaf endorses Anita!

The Royal Palace, Stockholm
November 23, 2009

Dear Mrs. Laughlin,

His Majesty the King has asked me to convey to you His warm thanks
for your kind letter of September 10, and for sending your book Reindeer with King Gustaf.

His Majesty found the book very entertaining.

Yours Sincerely,

Eva Papik Lindfors, Secretary to H.M. the King

First of its kind to explore the Nobel Prize Experience!

“Dad, some guy is calling from Sweden.” It was 2:00am on October 13th, 1998, the youngest son in the Laughlin house had answered the phone. His dad had just become a recipient of the Nobel Prize in physics.

Frantic and funny events of the next two months are chronicled as the Laughlin’s academic household morphs into a madcap staging area for the family and 30 guests who will be in attendance during Nobel week. From tickets to Stockholm to clothing measurements, Nobel lecture preparations, attaché assistance and a quick trip to the White House for a formal reception with President and Mrs. Clinton, readers will laugh out loud while gasping in awe.

The glorious Nobel ceremony and elaborate banquet is held each winter with a viewing audience of tens of millions. An intimate dinner with King Gustaf in his royal palace follows the Nobel evening, in which Anita Laughlin finds herself the King’s dinner partner for what becomes an evening of hilarious surprises, and yes, reindeer.