Piper, Once & Again


ISBN: 978-1-942545-11-8
264 Pages, 5.25 x 8
$14.95 Paperback
Pub Date: July 2016

“Piper suffers from what she calls scent-aches, moments consisting of occasional phantom whiffs of lavender or burnt raisins. Random and inexplicable, they hint at a previous incarnation so traumatic that its lessons, loves, and scents have lingered beyond lives.”

“An unsettling and haunting tale of two heroines that lingers after the telling. Scent memories, momentary visions, and spritiual entities that travel through time and space mingle in this fictional account of reincarnation. Zani, who defines herself on her website as an ‘intuitive medium,’ makes her debut with a mystical, romantic fantasy that breaches the
line separating life and death.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS





Caroline E. Zani

As an intuitive medium by trade, Caroline Zani gets to know people at their core in a relatively short amount of time. She has been working in this capacity since experiencing a traumatic event four years ago that split her wide open. She marvels that one can experience such a radical shift in their definition of “normal.” To say that this has been an interesting experience is like saying Apple is a small business.

When she wrote Piper, Once & Again, in the last few months of 2008 Caroline was living a typical life as a middle school teacher, was in a typical relationship, had a typical outlook on life and a typical teenage daughter. What might not be quite as typical is the way in which she was led to write the book.






























An Experimental Time-Jumping, Life-Traveling Romance

Debut novel by intuitive medium Caroline E. Zani combines the haunting love of Wuthering Heights with the ominous hypnosis of Audrey Rose in a time-jumping olfactory experiment of past life regression, lies, lost love, and new hope. Piper, Once & Again will make readers wonder if there’s more to the memories carried on scents, and if there’s more to life.


“A beautifully written book that portrays the power and importance of a past life. Through the journey of Piper we experience a magical memory of another time that deeply affects her present life.”

Lynn V. Andrews NY Times Bestselling Author (The Medicine Woman Series)

“It’s evocative, it's complex, and ultimately it's nearly impossible to put down, offering up a positive progressive romp through fate, circumstance, tragedy and redemption. Timeslip and ghost story readers will find Piper, Once & Again satisfyingly detailed and wonderfully complex.”
— Midwest Book Review

“Piper, Once & Again lingers on my heart long after the book has been read, the tea has been sipped, and the fire light has dimmed. I cannot see or smell lavender now without Piper riding through my mind on her majestic steed. Piper feels real to me, as do all great heroes and heroines of literature.”
— Kelly Sullivan Walden, Bestselling Author of The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary, and a certified clinical hypnotherapist

“This is a wonderful story about the self, the soul, and the love that follows us from one lifetime into the next. Love never ends or dies but continues to follow us always. Such relatable characters, I couldn’t put it down! It played like a movie across my mind’s screen. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!”
— Jackie Waitkus, Spirit Medium, Teacher, blendingtwoworlds.com

“I am enamored as much by words as by Lavender, and in this book, I am overjoyed to have both. I was both surprised and delighted by the superb writing of Ms. Zani—surprised that she captured in words exactly the feelings I’ve had while picking Lavender for two months every year for 13 years. She truly is a wordsmith, and I am grateful to find someone who could put it so eloquently and elegantly.”
— Kristin Orr, Lavender Farmer, Owner, Fort Hill Farms