Hippie Woman Wild: Life & Love on an Oregon Commune

ISBN: 978-1-948018-46-3
256 Pages, 6 x 9
$18.00 Softcover
Pub Date: July 2019


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“I wish I could write as elegantly as Carol Schlanger. I wish I was as brilliantly funny as Carol Schlanger. I wish I had joined her commune in the 70s and lived her outrageous, back-to-the-land life. But since I wasn’t and didn’t, reading her riveting, gut-busting and brave work is the next best thing. Strip down, light-up and catch her as fast as you can!”
—Arlene Sarner, award-winning screenwriter (PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED, BLUE SKY), playwright and author



Carol Schlanger

Carol Schlanger is a professional award-winning actress and writer, best known for her honest, fearless and outrageously funny work. She’s billed as “a baby boomer’s answer to Lena Dunham.”

A native New Yorker, Carol first received notice and rave reviews as "The American Housewife” at the New York Public Theater. Carol is a graduate of Yale Drama, where she began her professional acting and writing career working with Improv Guru, Paul Sills at the Body Politic in Chicago. Since, she has worked consistently in film, television and on stage. Her plays have been produced both in New York and L.A.

Carol has worked as a staff writer for Imagine Television and created two pilots, "Back to the Garden" and "Hello Pilgrim" for CBS. Her one-woman play, "Mouth to Mouth" (1995) received L.A. Critics Awards for Acting and Writing. She was the 2011 winner of the L.A. playwrights story slam.

A much in demand storyteller, she performs in high-end venues throughout L.A including The Moth, Sparc, Tasty Words, the JWT and I Love A Good Story.









An old hippie, and lifetime organic farmer, Carol's memoir Hippie Woman Wild is about a 24-year-old urbane and, radicalized New York actress who is kicked out of Yale Drama, joins her cowboy lover, Clint, in a back-to-the land movement of the 1970s ~ iving on in the Oregon wilderness on a commune. This wild, multi-layered story is the unheard female voice of a generation.

“I've laughed out loud. ... makes me feel horny and jealous!” —Jane Fonda

“Carol can’t say a sentence—she can’t write a sentence—without making you laugh.” —Henry Winkler

“A miracle! Both a poignant confessional and darkly comic Roman à clef, about a life led on such different planes that it is astounding there was ever any intersection. The story of how a young, deeply urban woman learns to live off the grid in the Pacific Northwest, gutting fish, chopping wood, and making love like an accidental, Jewish she-wolf is sensational. I couldn’t put it down.” —Carl Gottlieb, award-winning screenwriter (JAWS), director and author

“Carol Schlanger’s wild ride of a memoir gallops hilariously through the early seventies commune experience that all of us old hippies meant to have. She has the perfect voice of her generation. Honest, rebellious, sensual, politically astute, she’s invited us into history to live and love through her. We dare not pass up the opportunity because being Carol is in itself an adventure.” —Barbara Bottner, New York Times bestselling author