All the Pretty Shoes

ISBN: 978-1-936214-27-3
264 Pages, 6 x 9

40 photographs

$15.00 Paperback
Pub Date: Jan. 2011


“Absolutely gripping!”—Lisa Pliscou, Acquisitions Editor

Marika Roth

Marika Roth was born in Budapest, Hungary. After surviving the brutal Nazi occupation of her homeland, Marika immigrated first to Paris, then to Montreal, Canada, where she worked as a fashion model while studying creative writing and psychology at Sir George William University and at the Montreal School of Fine Arts. She continued on her path toward becoming a writer by taking courses at UCLA and at the Writers Boot Camp in Los Angeles. Marika is a member of Women in Film, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to empower, promote, and mentor women in the entertainment and media industries. In addition to writing screenplays, Marika has had several art exhibits displaying her angel collections, both as paintings and as a collection of greeting cards, which were inspired by her beloved orange tabby cat Rasputin. Her acrylic-based figurative artwork has been shown at several private exhibits. She lives in Los Angeles.

As a little girl Marianne Klein [born as Marika Roth] was a fugitive on the streets of her native Budapest while Nazis stormed the city, killing helpless Jews by the thousands. Without parents or friends, money or food, and living amidst suspicion and betrayal, somehow Marianne managed to survive, with only her courage and sheer determination to guide her. She vowed that someday, somehow, she would go to America—the shining land of opportunity.

As a teenager she immigrated to Canada, where further obstacles awaited her: a forced marriage, an abusive husband, a desperate struggle to hang on to her two young children, and always the threat of hunger and poverty.

Yet somehow Marianne found a way. She went to school; she became a dance instructor and a fashion model; she held her little family together; she finally made it to America where, at long last, true love awaited her. And always—no matter the obstacles—she had hope, courage, and faith to sustain her. This is the story of an indomitable spirit, the memoir of a woman who held onto her dignity and her unwavering belief in herself against seemingly impossible odds. It is a story you will never forget.