Feathers Brush My Heart 2

ISBN: 978-1-939288-18-9
LCCN: 2013939532
284 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$14.99, Trade Paperback
Pub Date: NOVEMBER 2013

REVIEWS ~ FEATHERS 1 “Read these wonderful stories and your faith in love will grow.”
—Judith Orloff, MD, Author

“These stories confirm that a mother’s nurturing guiding light is always around and is shown to us in the gifts she leaves behind.” —James Van Praagh, Medium

Sinclair Browning

Sinclair Browning is a traditionally published writer (Doubleday, Bantam, Time Warner) with 9 books that have been published in 4 countries. Feathers Brush My Heart (Time Warner, 2002) is still in print and has sold close to 40,000 copies.

Browning has degree in Literature and Creative Writing (University of Arizona) and has taught creative writing for numerous colleges. Browning’s mysteries have been among five national nominees for both the Shamus and Barry Awards and one of five nominees for the Arizona Arts Award in 2000.






Feathers Brush My Heart 2 features 85 stories from people who have lost their mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, aunts, friends, grandparents, and even pets. The common denominator of the stories is they all relate an afterlife gift that was sent to the writer signifying their loved one’s spirit was well.

Stories are as diverse. . . a man killed on 9/11 saves his brother’s life and begins sending him coins. . . a woman finds an engraved gold pocket watch in a pawn shop thousands of miles away from where it was given to her grandmother 100 years earlier. . .a mother leaves a spool of pink thread on a power line for one daughter, and a bobbin of pink thread on the ground for another. . .a woman writes her initials in the sky to let her sister know she’s well… a guide dog walks out of a stage production to deliver a message to a sightless woman in the audience.

Feathers Brush My Heart (Warner Books, 2002) inspired this flood of faith, inspiration, and love—making for a much-anticipated sequel.