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2015 Wyatt-MacKenzie Releases


Witness to Spirit: My Life with Cowboys, Mozart & Indians Robert Staffanson

ISBN: 978-1-942545-22-4
260 Pages, 6.14 x 9.21
$42.00 Hardcover with Jacket
Full-color, with over 50 photos
Pub Date: Dec. 22, 2015

More than a memoir. Robert Staffanson has led an exemplary life. At 93 he is sharing his unique journey of starting out as a "real" cowboy in Montana, then he was moved by music to start the Billings Symphony. He then moved to Massachusetts to serve as conductor of the Springfield Symphony. Returning home, Staffanson went on to co-found the American Indian Institute and become a renowned advocate for Native Americans and indigenous people around the world.

Exquisitely designed with over 50 of the author's photographs, a foreword by Oren Lyons — Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan of the Onondaga Nation and a Chief of the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy— Staffanson's co-founder of the Traditional Circle of Elders and Youth, and an introduction by Todd Wilkinson, co-author with Ted Turner of Last Stand, Ted Turner's Quest to Save a Troubled Planet.


Millennial Moms: 202 Facts Marketers Need to Know to Build Brands and Drive Sales  Maria Bailey

ISBN: 978-1-939288-91-2
224 Pages, over 150 graphics
$36.00 Full-color Paperback
Pub Date: September 2015

In her third title from Wyatt-MacKenzie, Maria Bailey is defining a new generation of mothers. You’ll find a combination of research, case studies, anecdotes and quotes from actual members of the Millennial generation.

How are Millennial Moms - the largest cohort in U.S. history - different from other generations? How can you effectively engage with them on their unique terms, and tap into their annual combined spending power of $750 billion? Earning their business is a snap, tap, or click away thanks to this concise, user-friendly compendium of insights and recommendations by Maria Bailey, internationally known marketing expert.




Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer Lisa Pliscou

ISBN: 978-1-939288-90-5
188 Pages, 5 x 7
$17.75 Full-color Paperback, illustrated, index
Pub Date: April 2015

What was Jane Austen like as a child? What were her formative influences and experiences, her challenges and obstacles, that together set her on the path toward becoming a writer?

Drawing upon a wide array of sources, including Austen’s own books and correspondence, Wyatt-MacKenzie's editor Lisa Pliscou has created a “speculative biography” that, along with 20 charming black-and-white illustrations, offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of young Jane Austen. Also included is a richly detailed, annotated version of the narrative and an overview of Austen’s life, legacy, and the era in which she lived, as well as a timeline of her key childhood events.

Young Jane Austen is sure to intrigue anyone interested in Jane Austen, in writing and the creative process, and in the triumph of the artistic spirit.







A Stem Cell Transplant MS Recovery Story: Beating Multiple Sclerosis with Humor, Hope & Science (2nd Edition) Sandi Selvi

ISBN: 978-1-936214-10-5
194 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$15.00 Trade Paperback
Pub Date: March 2015

Sandi Selvi was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and told she was destined to need a wheelchair. Instead, she underwent a stem-cell transplant and began doing stand-up to prove she's a walking success story. Her funny yet ground-breaking book shows her journey so others suffering from MS can follow. Previously published as Won't Do Stand-Up in a Wheelchair (Mar. 2010).

The new edition will be released on the 15th Anniversary of Sandi's Stem Cell Transplant.





A Better High (3rd Edition) Matt Bellace

ISBN: 978-1-936214-56-3
174 Pages, 5 x 8
$13.95 Paperback
Re-release Date: Jan. 2015

Matt has updated and added information to this new edition of his humorous look at getting naturally high, every day.

Each chapter focuses on a scientifically proven natural high (e.g. laughing, running, helping, loving) and gives funny stories, jokes and exercises for achieving the natural high in your life.

Matt Bellace, Ph.D., has been a youth motivational speaker and stand-up comedian since 1995. Dr. Bellace has a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology from Drexel University, is a member of the National Speakers Association. His "How to Get High Naturally" program encourages over a hundred thousand students a year to pursue natural highs and make healthy choices. Matt was a recurring comedian on truTV's "The Smoking Gun Presents." His stand up can be heard (and requested) on Sirius XM's Comedy Channels.















The Everywhere Oracle: A Guided Journey Through Poetry for an Ensouled World Caryl Ann Casbon

ISBN: 978-1-942545-08-8
108 Pages
$17.99 Full-Color Paperback
Pub Date: Nov 2015

A unique collection of poetry in two distinct ways. First, by nature, these poems are accessible. They often include a story, a surprising metaphor, or ask a question that invites the reader to go within. Second, the book offers a “users’ guide” in the Appendix, where readers are given clear, simple instructions for facilitating book groups. Using the questions written for each poem, readers are encouraged to find their own relationship to the stories and themes, as well as create soulful community dialogue with others. In that sense, this book speaks to the longing for both meaningful community in our society, and a rich communion with the outpouring Spirit all around us.


Companion Journal
ISBN: 978-1-942545-09-5
136 Pages
$14.99 Paperback