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2018 Wyatt-MacKenzie Releases



I Ran Into Some Trouble Peggy Caserta and co-writer Maggie Falcon


ISBN: 978-1-942545-82-8
$29 Cloth Hardcover w/Jacket
272 Pages, 7 photos
ISBN: 978-1-948018-08-1
$19 Softcover Edition

Pub Date: SUMMER 2018

Summer Release & Movie Tie-In

Peggy Caserta, founder of the famous Haight-Ashbury hippie boutique Mnasidika, and lover and girlfriend of Janis Joplin, was a Louisiana homecoming queen turned airsick stewardess who eventually landed in 1960s San Francisco and set up shop. Her store was a hang-out for The Grateful Dead and Big Brother and the Holding Company; it was where Wes Wilson’s posters hung and Bill Graham sold concert tickets and Owsley was enjoyed.

Caserta’s world of psychedelic peace, love, LSD, and rock kaleidoscoped into bereavement, heroin addiction, prison, and desperation. She was hated, betrayed, and self-exiled, and after 44 years has recovered, after returning home to the Bayou to care for her mother with dementia. Now Caserta is giving a new generation an inside look into a revolution—both countercultural and personal—in her riveting and redemptive memoir.

Cover design by famed typographer Wes Wilson

cover of I Ran Into Some Trouble by Peggy Caserta



We: An Adoption and A Memoir Ben Barnz


ISBN: 978-1-948018-21-0
$29 Laminate Hardcover
272 Pages
ISBN: 978--1948018-22-7
$19 Softcover Edition

Pub Date: FALL 2018

Jodie Foster describes WE: An Adoption and A Memoir as “Part memoir, part love letter, part haunting tale, WE speaks in simple truths. What it means to be a father, a son, a partner, an adopted family. What it means to hold your baby girl knowing you may have to give her up. This gem burns deep with feeling, humor and the grace of salty tears. WE is a work of shining honesty.”

WE is about growing up in the eighties, when the concept of same-sex families didn’t exist. Partially told through court transcripts, the memoir provides insight on how creating a family has changed in thirty years.

WE digs deeply into sexual denial in high school when the author fell for a boy a year younger, whose self-acceptance sent him running deeper into the closet. It celebrates nights at The Roxy when Ben began to accept himself, and auditioning for a film only to fall in love with the producer.

Independent film producer Ben Barnz and his husband, filmmaker Daniel Barnz, comprise "We’re Not Brothers Productions" with feature films Cake (Jennifer Aniston), Phoebe in Wonderland (Elle Fanning); and most recently teamed up with Plan B’s Brad Pitt to take Ryan Wash’s story of an openly gay black debate champion to the big screen.



Living Off the Edge Tom Weise


ISBN: 978-1-948018-16-6
292 Pages, 6 x 9

$27.00 Hardcover

Pub Date: FALL 2018

A German expat, banned from the U.S. for illegally immigrating in the 1980s, Weise's HIV status prevented him from gaining a work visa, so he turned to the oldest profession in history.

From growing up in postwar Germany, through a festering estrangement from his homophobic and abusive family, to the comprehension/denial of an HIV diagnosis, Weise led a double-life for fear that running the largest online gay escort site in the world would conflict with his life of advocacy, and risk deportation.

Weise is well-known in NYC for his community work and initiatives —leading dozens of charities, comforting children with HIV (and foster-parenting two), co-founding a gay homeless youth shelter, and assisting undocumented asylum seekers—as well as in the adult industry where Weise created an escort support group assisting with health care, legal issues, finances, and future planning.



Living off the Edge Cover

Outside Myself Kristen Witucki


ISBN: 978-1-942545-97-2
$25 Library Edition, Hardcover
LCCN: 2017956604, 232 pps
ISBN: 978-1-942545-99-6
$15 Softcover Edition, 232 pps

Pub Date: SPRING 2018

Available in accessible formats: Kindle, iBook audiobook and braille (from Bookshare) as early as Jan. 4, 2018

Extraordinary insight into living without sight

Outside Myself will enlighten both young and old. Tallie is a young girl struggling to adjust to her blindness. Benjamin is an older gentleman working in a library for the blind. A chance phone call between them leads to a transformative year, and a window of understanding is flung open as empathy, independence, and resolution rush in.

cover of Outside Myself by Kristen Witucki




The Assertive Parent


The Assertive Parent: Hacks, Traps & Strategies for Raising Authentic Teens Daniel Patterson

ISBN: 978-1-942545-96-5
212 Pages, 6.14 x 9.21

$18.00 Softcover


Pub Date: Late Spring 2018

A practical roadmap for parents seeking to build autonomy, authenticity, and resilience in their teenage children. Patterson draws on his fourteen years working as a high school teacher and administrator, as well as his experience as an educational-centered parenting and teen life coach.

This book strives to empower parents and teenagers, alike, to become their own advocates, armed with practical solutions, a refreshed and optimistic mindset, to effectively change the landscape of their daily lives.





Beyond the First Draft: Deep Novel Revision Laurel Yourke

ISBN: 978-1-942545-98-9
8 x 10.8, Hardcover, Softcover
200 pages; also in eBook

Pub Date: SPRING 2018


How often do writers say, “What’s wrong, and how do I fix it?” As a writing instructor, novelist, and writing coach, Laurel Yourke realizes that the number of writers starved for knowledge of craft is countless.

BEYOND THE FIRST DRAFT supplies the tools to understand and polish every aspect of the novel. How do you escalate work from good to great, from a manuscript to a published novel? This comprehensive, accessible book offers not only tips and techniques, but encouragement and motivation.


cover of Beyond the First Draft by Laurel Yourke


cover of You Are Not Crazy by David Klow




You Are Not Crazy David Klow, LMFT

ISBN: 978-1-942545-95-8
224 Pages, 6 x 9
$18.00, Softcover
Pub Date: VALENTINE'S DAY 2018



People today live in psychological bubbles. They think that they are the only ones who experience what they do.

Psychotherapist David Klow brings deep insight, wisdom, and warmth to this process as he helps readers find new understanding about themselves. Through a series of heartfelt letters to his patients, he relates timeless and impactful information that normalizes life’s struggles.







Cover of The Wealthy Teacher by Danny Kofke




The Wealthy Teacher Danny Kofke
ISBN: 978-1-942545-94-1
194 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$14.50 Trade Paperback
Pub Date: JAN 2018



A majority of Americans feel that teachers are paid too little and are underappreciated. Despite this, out of almost 500 professions analyzed to see what the most meaningful jobs in America are, 3 of the top 12 are in education!

In The Wealthy Teacher, learn from fellow educator Danny Kofke how you can:

  • Raise a family of four on a teacher’s salary
  • Develop and stick to a budget for good
  • Build up an emergency fund
  • Pay off all of your debt
  • Save over $30,000 this year (in an added bonus ebook)
  • Become a wealthy teacher, too