Charter Schools: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents

ISBN: 978-1-932279-05-4
262 Pages, 6 x 9
$18.00 Paperback
Pub Date: Nov. 2009

“Fresh, down-to-earth, and witty. If I were a
charter school leader, I’d provide a copy to every prospective family that came my way.”
Dr. Brian L. Carpenter, Charter School Governance & Management
Consultant, Author of Charter School Board University

“A friendly resource for any reader.”
Nelson Smith, President and CEO, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

“Next time you are barraged with questions
about charter schools, this book will arm you with answers and provide some comic relief. A wonderful resource!”
- Stacy Rivera, Director of Communications, Colorado League of Charter Schools

“Charter schools aren’t for everyone. But we all benefit when parents are empowered with knowledge and choice. This book is a manual for all parents to take back our schools for our kids and their collective future.”
- Ben Austin, Executive Director of Parent Revolution

“Easy and fun to read, packed with insider information parents won’t get anywhere else.” 
- Pamela Benigno, Education Policy Director, Independence Institute

Karin Piper

Karin Piper was born and raised in Sweden and landed in the United States through a student exchange program. She has written for several publications including Denver Post, EdNews, the Examiner, and Colorado Parenting Magazine. Along with being a mother and writer she is also a volunteer and advocate for schools and public libraries and has worked with the Douglas County Libraries, the Colorado League of Charter Schools, and a collection of area schools.

Karin has been featured in various charter school advocacy network publications throughout the United States. Her quest for information about charter schools led to her becoming an informed school choice parent and she is eager to share her tales of confusion, frustration, hilarity, and the unbeatable spirit of community partnership.

More than 30 chapters feature different aspects of charter schools from the perspective of a charter school mom. Includes a directory of award winning charter schools, plus a research guide to equip readers in pursuit of their happily education after.

Designed to help parents make a school decision, Charter Schools: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents answers commonly asked questions such as: What are charter schools? Are they expensive? Which type of charter school may be a fit? Are charter school teachers qualified? Should I consider a charter school for my child? How do we enroll?

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“A must read for all parents and taxpayers.”
- Donna Gundle Krieg, BlitzKrieg Publishing

Voted one of the " The best education books of the decade" on December 31, 2009!