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2008 Wyatt-MacKenzie Releases



Mom 3.0: Marketing with Today's Mothers by Leveraging New Media & Technology Maria Bailey

ISBN: 978-1-932279-90-0
264 Pages, 6 x 9
$26.00 Hardcover
Pub Date: Sept. 2008

Internationally recognized marketing trend specialist Maria Bailey brings her brand new book to Wyatt-MacKenzie! Cutting edge information on marketing with today's mothers using tomorrow's technology.

AUTHOR WEBSITE: bsmmedia.com




Instead of Medicating and Punishing
Laurie A. Couture

440 Pages, 6 x 9
$25.00 Trade Paperback
Pub Date: October 2008

From the Foreword: "There's a quiet but bold evolution afoot…gradually weaving its way into into the daily lives of families all over the world.…forging a new, more peaceful society." Couture give this movement a voice to question the cultural assumptions.

AUTHOR WEBSITE: LaurieACouture.com



What I Thought I Knew
Barbara Stahura

ISBN: 978-1-932279-99-3
160 Pages, 6 x 9
$15.00 Trade Paperback
Pub Date: Sept. 2008

Whether describing her husband’s near-fatal motorcycle accident and recovery from a brain injury, or her bare-ankled encounter with a rattlesnake, Barbara's words rise off the page. This heartfelt memoir, full of humor and insight, depicts a life charged with uncertainties and fears, bravery and joy, and what it’s like to be a writer and more, what it’s like to be human.




Must We Say We Did Not Love? The Need for Divorce Rituals in Our Time
Dr. Monza Naff

ISBN: 978-1-932279-95-5
220 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$18.00 Trade Paperback
Pub Date: May 2008

Tools and sage guidance for families going through the divorce process.

"Facilitates deep peace and lasting agreements."




Luisa's Nature
Mark Stevens

ISBN: 978-1-932279-71-9
304 Pages, 6 x 9
$15.00 Trade Paperback
Pub Date: Mar.20, 2008

Nature and parenting have more in common than you think! News journalist Mark Stevens offers us a fresh perspective on nature and parenting, through the eyes of his newborn daughter.

AUTHOR WEBSITE: luisasnature.com



The Stork's Revenge
Geri O'Keeffe
foreword by Sonia Murdock, ex. dir. Postpartum Resource Center of NY

ISBN: 978-1-932279-88-7
192 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$15.00 Trade Paperback
Pub Date: July 2008

A raw account of recovery from postpartum depression. This author's inspiring story is sure to open the door for many moms suffering from PPD.




Deadwood Soups
by Chris Wilbur

ISBN: 978-0-9673025-4-6
40 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$10.00 Saddlestitch
Full-color, Pub Date: May 2008

Deadwood is nestled in the Oregon coast mountain range where it rains ten months a year -- the perfect environment for warm, soul-nourishing soup. Chris Wilbur's family homesteaded Deadwood, where she lived for her short, wild life. Mexico and Maui were favorite destinations and are represented in the "Cold Soups" section of this quaint reproduction of Wilbur's 1977 self-published cookbook. Upon her death in May 2008, this new edition was released by her grandchildren, Wyatt and MacKenzie (of Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Chris is their Dad's Mom), to celebrate Grandma Chris' funny, creative spirit. Make some Deadwood soup for the soul!




Household Baggage: The Moving Life of a Military Wife (2nd Ed.) Marna Krajeski

ISBN: 1-932279-56-3
192 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$15.00 Trade Paperback
Pub Date: May 2008

A new edition of our popular 2006 release. Now available internationally!



Household Baggage Handlers: 35 Stories from the Hearts and Lives of Military Wives
Marna Krajeski

ISBN: 1-932279-47-4
240 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$15.50 Trade Paperback
Pub Date: May 2008

The follow-up anthology to Household Baggage. Women from around the world contribute to this touching and humorous collection.



D-Girl Turns Mom
Donna Rae Weiser

ISBN: 978-1-932279-83-2
224 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$14.95 Trade Paperback
Pub Date: April 28, 2008

Walking away from a life filled with actors, agents, producers and screenwriters to be with her kids was difficult for the author, but well worth it…or was it?